Apartment Development Abu Dhabi

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Client: -
Area Gross: 45.200m²
Building Costs: n.s.
Assignment: Competition 2014

Parameter of the initial design response is a car-free, open urban square on axis with these two street openings linking to the existing neutral urban character of the NYU block. This creates a pedestrian outdoor reception for NYU and the central organizing focus of our proposal. The context together with the programmatic brief organizes the shared facilities - Reception Lobbies, Retail which could cater for associated F&B demand of the campus if required plus  Leisure and Recreational functions combined with additional Office Space -  interspersed with indoor and outdoor spaces across a multi-functional Plinth forming the edge to the Urban Plaza. From the plinth rise four distinct point blocks - two Residential Blocks and two Serviced Apartment Blocks. These different height blocks create a rich and balanced dynamic that identifies the design massing of the scheme.