Soran Green University Campus

Location: Soran, IQ
Client: University of Soran 
Area Gross: 350.000 m²
Building Costs: n.s.
Assignment: Concept Study 2012

The current Soran University shall be relocated to a new campus on a plateau adjacent to a deep canyon overlooking the city of Soran.
The new campus masterplan will be constructed on a site of 365ha and will be developed in four phases.
Once completed the campus will consist of 6 Faculties, 2 Learning Centers, a Student Center,a Festival Hall, a Sports Hall, the Administrative Building and a Hotel.

The new university campus is intended for 14.000 prospective students and 2.000 staff where 50% of the students will be housed on the campus and all the staff will live in a residential neighborhood which is included in the masterplan.
The design responds to the dramatic site and its topography. Minimizing the cut and fill and creating a wind-mill arrangement are two central premises of the layout.