Medical & Social Center for Disabled Children

Location: Perchtoldsdorf AT
Client: Amt der NÖ Landesregierung Abt. Landeskrankenanstalten und Landesheime
Area Gross: 5.800m²
Building Costs: 8 Mio €
Assignment: Competition 2012

Clustered under one roof, the medical centre consists of modular units which cater to the special needs of different degrees of disability and age groups.

An elliptical courtyard, around which the main circulation areas and a multipurpose hall are arranged, creates a sense of enclosure and identification to the institution.

Considering the need for a grading of the intimacy levels of outdoor spaces, the elliptical courtyard is connected to a porch - covered outdoor area - which leads to a bay shaped semi-private garden that creates the transition to the adjacent public green fields.