Adidas M & E

Location: Herzogenaurach, Germany GE
Client: Adidas AG
Area Gross: 14.200m²
Building Costs: n.s.
Assignment: Competition 2014

The project „Meet and Eat“(M&E) is a link between the existing Campus in the north and the planned extension to the south. 

In order to capitalize on this key role in the urban plan, the building shape of a triangle with filleted corners provides an optimal solution as it presents an extended visible front for the visitors coming from the visitor center.
The lively area of the interface between public space “Grünes T” and OSE is the buildings "front of the house".

In the east the filleted corner of the triangle diminishes the distance to the Office South East (OSE) and creates a gate and square situation. The hypotenuse side of the triangle houses the logistic spaces on the ground floor.
Simultaneously it functions as an in- between space between “World of Living” and functional rooms in the eastern part of the building.
The southern edge , instead, works well as a discreet VIP entrance.