Mixed Use Development Manama Bay

Location: Manama Bahrein BH
Client: Amwaj Island_S. Kanou
Area Gross: 100.000m²
Building Costs: n.s.
Assignment: Study 2008

The radial and concentric lines of the master plan grid pattern guide the positioning of the two towers perpendicular to the shoreline, while the twin setup of both towers is an intended marker or gateway for both sites.

The concept of unifying the mixed use development into one body is explored in the proposal for both plots.
The combination of the residential tower, the office and a horizontal base into one seamless form, is generated through a laminated stream of sliding and shifting building volumes containing residential areas, office spaces, shops, and restaurants.

Additionally, residual spaces of atriums, loggias and voids are created as the facade transfers between a vertical to a horizontal position.