Office Building Abu Dhabi

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Client: n.s.
Area Gross: 43.000m²
Building Costs: n.s.
Assignment: Study 2014

Option 1 - Interconnected Ribbons
The project characteristics consist of a four story plinth and six small towers varying in height between four and six floors resting on it.
An alternating, wave-like arrangement for both the towers and the plinth has been selected for a lighter tectonic reading and massing. The plinth accommodates public spaces and amenities as well as an office floor for special office types which need a large store front.
The plinth offers landscaped terraces which function as a semi-public extension of the public space.

Option 2 - Layered Canyon
Nine layered floors which are not aligned on top of each other, are stacked around a central elongated courtyard. A carved colossal cantilevered opening leads into a shaded canyon-like courtyard.
Its landscaped terraces function as a semi-public extension of the public space.
It is an inward shaded hanging gardens motif, which confers the building with a sense of identity.