Science and Conference Center Darmstadt

Location: Darmstadt, DE
Client: Wissenschafts- und Kongresszentrum Darmstadt GmbH & Co.KG
Area Gross: 44.650 m²
Building Costs: 64 Mio €
Start of Planning: November 2000
Completion: 2007

The Science and Conference Centre integrates various campus paths and urban vistas of its context. A glass oblique funnel which carries daylight to the lowest garage floor and rain water to a cistern forms the pivoting point around which rotate a 1.500 seating hall, a 500 seating hall and a meandering tract of seminar- and conference rooms.
The main congress hall is designed as a multi-purpose hall which is capable of being subdivided into two or three halls if required. Its retractable seating tiers allow the space to be converted into an ascending forum suited to conferences and concerts and a flat surface which is suitable for exhibitions and fairs.
The Science and Conference Centre in Darmstadt, Germany has received the German DGNB - Silver Certification.