The World Cup Hologram

Location: Doha, Qatar QA 
Client: QIMC
Area Gross: 113.000m² 
Building Costs: n.s. 
Assignment: Competition 2013

The project reflects the presence of a trophy in interpretative terms rather in literal approach.

The trophy is recognised as a sculpted shape inserted in a prismatic block, thus creating a unique symbiosis of flat and 3-dimensional entities. The trophy is divided into three segments; the base, the shaft and the globe. The base and the main shaft of the trophy are manifested in the façade and the atrium behind, while the globe above is kept hollow and perforates the prism with its volume.
The outdoor space of the globe shall be used as a large open-air point of vista. The “lower” volume of the sphere is a wind protected outdoor zone that ideally offers the opportunity to create gardens on three levels at level +95-103m