Residential Development Al Ain

Location: Al Ain AE
Client: AWPR Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort
Area Gross: 160.000m²
Building Costs: n.s
Assignment: Competition 2009 1st Prize

The Masterplan  weaves together a residential program of 251 townhouses to form a rich tapestry of luxury dwellings in a gated community interspersed with public buildings such as a Mosque, a Club House, Shopping Facilities and a Kindergarten.

A variety of sustainable design strategies are employed: Buildings are purposely orientated north-south to maximize the benefit of natural draft. In the heart of the residential cluster the Grove is reminiscent of the Al Ain Oasis - an open, shaded green space filtered with water channels and features.
It is the central point for recreation and is designed as both a place to meet and a micro-climate for the development – filtering dust and revitalizing air.

Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council nominated it as a pilot project for the guidelines of sustainable neighbourhood.