Townhouse L Al Ain

Location: Al Ain AE
Client: AWPR Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort
Area Gross: 730 – 780m²
(3 Typologies)
Assignment: Competition 2009 1st Prize
Plotsize: 22 x 42m = 924 m²
Amount Townhouses L: 66 (out of 251 total)

The Master plan organises Five Neighbourhoods of residential units around Townhouses of four different sizes: Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large.

These in turn are based in three different architectural arrangements: The Compact Type, the Multi Courtyard Type and the Central Courtyard Type. 
Local and national building vernacular is articulated across the whole architectural design. 
References to local architecture are made: visual in relationships between and across courtyards, use of material in the form and decorative treatment of facades and Mashrabia (anti-glare lattice). 
Entrance doors in traditional woodwork, lateral secondary entrances act as intimate and for the familiy reserved circulation.

Internal layouts carefully organise formal and family living areas and separate servant quarters.