University of Natural Resources

Location: Vienna, Austria AT
Client: BIG
Area Gross: 4.500m²
Building Costs: n.s.
Assignment: Competition 2014

The building volume of the new university is divided in two parts by a gap element. The resulting covered and green atrium enables views through the entire building: horizontal (passage) as well as vertical (void of the atrium) and links the garden area, situated on the eastern side of the building with the main entrance.

The subdivision of the volume is referring to the scale of the adjacent villa typologies situated in the “Viennese Cottage” quarter.
Stepping floor slabs along the atrium generate communication areas, useable as study areas and break rooms for the offices.
The façade can be configured in various ways due to the selection of divers economic plants and evergreens.
It is the experimental area for vegetable sun protection and transpiration.
Landscape with Ursula Wieser